Risk mitigation

Overview on
Risk Mitigation

At Phoenix Group of Companies, our team ensures that every project has a full risk assessment and mitigation plan in place before work begins. By implementing risk mitigation measures, PGC proactively defends the integrity of your project to maintain acceptable profit margins and schedules.

Planning Today,
Security Tomorrow

Phoenix Group of Companies takes a progressive, proactive approach to better identify the potential risks associated with your project schedules, budgets, stakeholders, and unique requirements. The more stakeholders involved, the greater chance for potential risks that could throw your project off course. Our in-house professionals are trained to spot and plan viable contingencies for these risks—ranging from schedule timelines to unforeseeable resources shortages to protect your project investment.

Key Value

Our teams ensure that all relevant project risks and assumptions are well defined and documented to ensure that as a project progresses and issues arise, any related short-term and long-term decisions can be well understood in advance to plan for the best possible outcomes.

  • Safety risk assessments
  • Project management construction risk assessments
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Quality control risk assessments
  • Human resources risk assessments

Renewable Energy

Establishing environmentally sound practices that support both safety and performance


Delivering valuable support and sophisticated solutions for thermal energy project sites

Oil Sands

Progressive management and planning solutions for oil sands project sites

Power Generation

Reducing carbon footprint and overhead costs for power generation projects

Natural Gas

Decades of established experience delivering quality projects that match the rigorous demands of the natural gas industry


Timely industry insights on markets trends for an always-evolving resource sector

Pulp + Paper

Top-quality services and dedicated support for pulp and paper manufacturing sites


Technical and management support for hydrogen energy projects

First-of-Kind Projects

Future-forward solutions and first-of-kind concept projects that challenge the status quo

Our Service

  • Reduce client frustration
  • Reduce time constraints/delay
  • Reduce rework
  • Reduce cost impacts
  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced due diligence 
  • Professional contingency plans
  • Improved forecasting

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Need Help?

Our company also works directly with industry partners such as the Alberta Apprenticeship Board to provide a solid foundation for new tradesmen looking to enter the industry through continuous learning and onsite training.