Efficient Power Generation Design

Reimagine the current profitable output of power management facilities with our innovative, sustainable solutions that meet the increasingly rigorous demands and stringent compliance standards (provincial and international) for power generation facilities in Canada.

Existing supply

Our current power supply may be at risk if renewable, low-cost, low-carbon sources cannot be found

Consumption demands

As the world population nears 8 billion, leaders scramble to find solutions for rising consumption rates

Carbon footprint

Power companies are under pressure to commit to carbon offset programs, which might be largely ineffective

Global urbanization

Municipal leaders are seeking ways to manage the influx of demand on an aging, over-stressed infrastructure

Power Generation

Phoenix Group of Companies provides full-scale construction and project management services for clients that want to improve how effectively their facilities generate and distribute power to Canadian homes and businesses. Our team of experienced professionals brings an in-depth understanding of current market challenges to deliver simple solutions intended to increase current output levels and enhance the sophistication of the next generation of power production.

    Enhanced Lifetime Production

    Through precise pre-planning and quality control measures, Phoenix provides top-tier support for power generation companies to help them better safeguard against major industry challenges and to improve the overall safety and performance of their facility operations in the interim.

    Benefits We Have Provided

    • Improved maintenance processes
    • Increased site productivity
    • Enhance safety performance
    • Advanced industry insights
    • Single-source service provider
    • Stringent quality control system
    • In-depth equipment installation experience

    Recent Projects

    Need Help?

    This practice is followed at every level of our organization and is revolutionizing the way emissions can (and should) be tracked and mitigated within our industry. Together, we can achieve our goal to reach de-carbonize our project work and leave a net-positive environmental impact on the planet we call home.