Overview on
Material Management

Ensuring the materials you need are managed, preserved, tracked, and stored as required by the client and the manufacturers’ specifications until required for project execution.

Comprehensive Resource

PGC’s materials management services dovetail with our construction support through the strategic issuance of all required materials to the construction teams. Materials that have been received can be issued via pick lists requested by front-line supervision as part of their preparations to execute specific FIWPs. These materials will be picked from storage in advance of their “required for” date and staged for pickup or delivery to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Key Value

Go beyond traditional material management services….our fully integrated material management system accurately measures, tracks, and reports material management requirements for your project, helping your team get back more hours in your day to do what you do best: building your business.

Material Management Services

  • Materials quality
  • Goods movement
  • Physical inventory
  • Materials storage and preservation management
  • Material requirement planning
  • Production planning
  • Warehouse management

Renewable Energy

Establishing environmentally sound practices that support both safety and performance


Delivering valuable support and sophisticated solutions for thermal energy project sites

Oil Sands

Progressive management and planning solutions for oil sands project sites

Power Generation

Reducing carbon footprint and overhead costs for power generation projects

Natural Gas

Decades of established experience delivering quality projects that match the rigorous demands of the natural gas industry


Timely industry insights on markets trends for an always-evolving resource sector

Pulp + Paper

Top-quality services and dedicated support for pulp and paper manufacturing sites


Technical and management support for hydrogen energy projects

First-of-Kind Projects

Future-forward solutions and first-of-kind concept projects that challenge the status quo

Our Service

  • Enhanced quality control
  • Increased material security and visibility
  • Reduced resource waste
  • Comprehensive review
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Cost-saving materials planning

Recent Projects

Need Help?

Our company also works directly with industry partners such as the Alberta Apprenticeship Board to provide a solid foundation for new tradesmen looking to enter the industry through continuous learning and onsite training.