The Phoenix Group of Companies provides comprehensive industrial contracting and construction services on a variety of projects. With our services ranging from pre-planning strategies to modular product solutions, PGC consistently delivers exceptional results under budget and on time, regardless of size or scale.

We have an established practice of aligning with our clients and their goals at the onset of every project. This simple guiding principle has enabled us to develop and deliver cost-effective solutions that truly address the core challenges our clients face today.

We employ cutting-edge software and methodologies to help mitigate any potential risks and reduce unnecessary costs—increasing the lifetime value of a project for both you and your stakeholders.









Procurement Logistics

Material Mgt.




Providing a robust range of construction and construction management services including testing, mobile services, and scaffolding 


    Our state-of-the-art fabrication facility is capable of processing and housing multiple projects at a time to seamlessly manage integrated project support


      Our in-house modular yard can support projects at any stage from design to completion, providing simple solutions to complex design challenges at scale 


      Ensure the most effective use of your team’s time and resources through our full-scope maintenance services for facilities of any size or scope


      Expert onsite support for turnarounds that helps companies stay compliant while reducing maintenance costs and facility downtimes

        Project Management

        Our team uses progressive methods and cutting-edge technology, backed by extensive industry knowledge, to ensure our clients realize a better return on investment

          Workface Planning

          PGC is leading the industry with this innovative approach by implementing the principles of effective pre-planning and risk management at the launch of every project

            Risk Mitigation

            Effectively monitor and scope the risks your company may be facing to help your team prepare strategies that mitigate potential liabilities now and in the future

            Procurement Logistics

            Seamless supply chain support that prioritizes all aspects, from sourcing to delivering and storage to securing replacement parts

              Material Management

              Our team can help you manage the materials required for your project at any phase to help you maintain quality and reduce reworks

              Financial Oversight

              PGC provides financial oversight for clients that require additional support to identify and maintain expected and actual costs for the duration of their project


              Waste heat generated by industrial processes is one of the most underutilized and undervalued energy sources in modern industry.

              Recent Projects

              Need Help?

              Our company also works directly with industry partners such as the Alberta Apprenticeship Board to provide a solid foundation for new tradesmen looking to enter the industry through continuous learning and onsite training.