Harvest Energy Black Gold

Construction of central processing facility, water treatment facilities, steam generation, and underground tanks and piping.  This includes all the mechnical, structural, piping, and hydro-testing.  

Central Processing Facility, Utilities and Underground

Canada Crane, Jay-Co, Phoenix Industrial Fab Shop, 24/7 Express, NDT Visions Inc. (Film Review), Portable Machine Works, and AB/BC Safety Inc.

275 staff on site at project peak.  The project is currently ongoing. 

Completed with 0 lost time incidents.

Project Challenges

There was significant warehousing, and marshalling of material, that needed to be completed to ensure that all facets of this project were executed efficiently.  The client was also challenged with some productivity issues on this project, and looked to find a contractor that could bring it back on schedule and on budget.  They required a contractor with a strong working knowledge of the project complexities, that could ensure organization quickly and effectively.  As with many projects across the Oilsands, quality control can be a complex challenge.  The client required a high level of traceability and quality management. 

The Phoenix Industrial Solution

Phoenix industrial was not involved in the initial warehousing and marshalling process.  When the opportunity was provided, we quickly embraced our new challenge and began to apply our experience and skill in this area, and made sure all material was organized in such a way that optimized the work in the field.  We were then able to distribute that material to field crews, and communicate the work through field level work packages.  These packages were only issued once the material was confirmed and the work was ready to be commenced. This process reduced downtime and inefficient use of labour.

In order to ensure the quality control program was completed effectively, Phoenix Industrial made sure there was a strong team of professionals involved to verify all material, and offsite work, for quality and traceablity.  Phoenix has established checks and balances that provide our QC teams with clear direction and process.  The QC team managed all onsite verification and inspection of welding, mechnical, structural, and piping installation, as well as all of the correct percentages of NDE per system.  All of this information was very professionally compiled, documented, and reported as per the requirements of the clients and governing bodies.  As with any project that Phoenix completes, this information was progressively turned over, meaning that as the system is being completed we are collecting and compiling the QC information, leaving minimal final verification.  

Phoenix Industrial was able to leverage our extraordinary group of project management staff and craft labour, along with the established planning tools, to ensure this project ran smoothly right from the beginning.  With such experienced staff we are able to integrate the Phoenix Industrial workface planning system right out of the gate, despite the project being partially completed.  This provided true transparency to our clients; as work was being completed in the field we were able to report budget, productivity, and schedule compliance in real time. 

The performance on this project was exceptional, despite some of the challenges that were faced by our clients.  We were able to maintain a performance factor over the industry standard.  We were also able to maintain a very low defect rate on welding and keep punch lists to a minimal level.  

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