EIT at Devon Jackfish 3

Assemble and install all annex buildings, as well as 6 OTSG boilers and all the interconnecting pipe, crossover ducting, economizers, stacks, structural steel, burner management systems, blowers, pre-heaters, and associated ducting. 

The project began with Phoenix Industrial installing these 6 new boilers at Devon Jackfish 3.  Our scope was then expanded to include the replacement of 6 boiler economizers at Devon Jackfish 2. 

SAGD Systems

Applus RDT and GST Trucking.  All other craft labour was completed directly by Phoenix Industrial.

30,000 man-hours with a additional 10,000 man-hours at Devon Jackfish 2.

Completed with 0 lost time incidents.

Project Challenges

The client was concerned about the extensive labour and subcontractors that would be required for this project in the short amount of time that was needed to complete the scope. Also, as this job was an equipment install, there were four parties (client, engineering, manufacturer, and constructors) involved that needed to be kept up to date on progress and changes in scope.

The Phoenix Industrial Solution

Phoenix Industrial was able to manage the scope and complete the project ahead of the expedited schedule. With all the pressure to complete this project on time and on budget, it was very important to have the right people in place that could get the project organized and off to a strong start. Phoenix compiled a strong and experienced team that was able to progress the project through planning and execution. Having this experienced team, combined with Phoenix Industrial’s approach to change management, assisted all parties with properly and efficiently handling any required changes to scope. The management team was very familiar with the construction of this equipment, allowing them to quickly identify deficiencies and reallocate resources to another focus, while decisions were being made on the deficiencies. With the amount of companies involved in this project, it was extremely important that proper communication and reporting be established so that all parties understood the progress, and that any challenges were addressed as soon as they arose. This was done with Phoenix’s established processes and reporting mechanisms, as there was never a question as to the progress that Phoenix was making. Real time progress of construction, budget, and productivity were reported on demand, and at determined intervals, making the work extremely transparent. Phoenix Industrial prides itself on providing value to our clients, as demonstrated through this project which was later highlighted in an edition of the Oilsands Review for its efficiency.

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