Oil sands

Redefining Excellence For Oil Sands

Alberta’s oil sands are subject to a significant number of strict site requirements that encompass both environmental and safety compliance standards. As a critical sector in Alberta’s economy, the oil sands sites provide a unique opportunity for Phoenix to showcase our proven, fully integrated project management tools, systems, processes, and personnel.

Crude oil decline

High costs and low value have added to crude oil’s decline in global markets since the 2008 market crash

Lack of access

With world leaders fighting over pipeline projects, the market is stuck in limbo with a transportation problem

Investor exodus

Global decline in oil sands projects investment by seasoned and green investors alike

Climate change

Ongoing pressure on oil sands to take bigger strides in reducing the environmental impact of carbon emissions


The Phoenix Group of Companies has over 25 years of industry experience providing advanced workface planning alongside top-grade construction and project management services for oil sands and energy sectors.

    Workface Planning Niche

    Through years of internal development, Phoenix Group of Companies has established itself as an industry leader in workface planning. We adopted this progressive approach in the early years of our company, allowing ample time to adapt and refine our processes to be able to truly solve the industry’s unique challenges.

    Benefits We Have Provided

    • Increased profitability
    • Reduced downtimes
    • Reduced rework
    • Comprehensive quality control
    • Lower operating costs
    • Reduced labor turnover
    • Risk mitigation solutions
    • No bureaucracy hurdles

    Recent Projects

    Need Help?

    This practice is followed at every level of our organization and is revolutionizing the way emissions can (and should) be tracked and mitigated within our industry. Together, we can achieve our goal to reach de-carbonize our project work and leave a net-positive environmental impact on the planet we call home.