As complex as modern industrial fabrication can be, it can be boiled down to two core traits: quality and value. Whether it’s power generation, oil and gas, pulp and paper, or innovative new technologies, every industrial operation needs high-performance components to deliver a solid long-term ROI for its stakeholders. Choosing the right fabrication partner is key to your next project’s success; the wrong choice can result in delays, overruns, and substandard components that will hold your operation back in the long term.

Phoenix Group’s fabrication division has a proven record of success in delivering quality and value to fabrication projects of all sizes and scopes. Our full-circle approach brings talent, technology, and tempo to every fabrication project, creating high-performance industrial products that maximize return on investment for you and your stakeholders. Discover more about Phoenix Industrial’s fabrication services below.

Comprehensive Capabilities…

Phoenix’s industry-leading fabrication process is engineered to build products that meet the most demanding requirements of modern heavy industry. No matter the size or scope of the job, our fabrication division is equipped to deliver unrivalled results, with capabilities including:

  • Procurement and Planning. Industry-leading workface planning identifies project priorities and pain points, enabling rapid deployment and execution in critical areas. Phoenix’s extensive supply chain ensures material availability and costs savings from start to finish.
  • Fabrication. Our state-of-the-art 40-acre facility can accommodate multiple large-scale projects at a time and is fully equipped to work with exotic metals, alloys, and other unique project requirements. Complete QA/QC protocol ensures performance and quality from the shop to the field.
  • Turnover and Delivery. Phoenix’s full lifecycle quality processes enable efficient turnover with complete and accurate documentation. With facilities located on Alberta’s High-Load Corridor, Phoenix proudly offers minimal costs for both receivables and delivery.

…Tailored to Your Needs

With a proven record of success working on some of the most challenging industrial projects in Western Canada, Phoenix understands firsthand that no two fabrication projects are alike. Every operation will have its own unique needs; that’s why Phoenix remains committed to finding innovative solutions to every fabrication challenge.

Phoenix Group’s data-driven approach to fabrication offers unequalled visibility, accountability, and value in every aspect of your fabrication project. In-depth planning and analysis ensure maximum efficiency throughout your project’s duration, while real-time score carding and performance reporting keep stakeholders informed every step of the way. Phoenix’s paradigm-shifting combination of performance-driven insight and transparent communication deliver both quality and value in all aspects of your next project.

Your One-Stop Industrial Partner

With over a quarter-century of experience and expertise in all aspects of industrial development, Phoenix Group is ready to help our partners find value-adding solutions to every challenge. Our full-circle approach includes service offerings and support for all stages of your next project, including modularization, construction, and maintenance. No matter your operation’s needs, Phoenix Group is driven to find innovative, value-adding solutions to help your organization reach new heights.

Looking for Fabrication Services?

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