Across Western Canada, numerous industrial contractors will partner with you for your next project. However, not all industrial contractors are equally qualified for the scope or scale of your project. Fortunately, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies is here to help. For several decades Phoenix Industrial has delivered value through accountability and visibility. Our industry-leading approach to industrial contracting work has set us apart from other contractors. Below we’ll discuss further how Phoenix Industrial stands apart and some of our industrial contracting services. Continue reading to learn more!

Accountable Industry-Leaders

At Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies, our team utilizes a unique approach to management, construction, and accountability. That way, your industrial project can rapidly deploy and implement our industry-leading execution and reap the benefits of successful results. As you can learn from our previous projects, many of our clients have seen tremendous benefits from partnering with Phoenix Industrial. Phoenix Industrial works hard to be accountable to our clients, from workface planning, field services, and managing costs to integrated project performance reporting. That way, you and your stakeholders can be confident in your project from inception to completion. At Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies, our efficient and field-proven approach can provide your project with value and performance that has been engineered for incredible results regardless of the size or scope of your project. 

Proactive Environmental, Social, and Governance Practices

Behind everything we do at Phoenix Industrial, forward-thinking innovation is our primary driving force. Our team uses data to optimize construction and maintenance plans to carbon accounting and reporting standards. That way, we can continuously refine our practices and keep your project as an industry leader in productivity and sustainability. At Phoenix Industrial, we have a passion and commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards across all levels of our company. At Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies, our ESG programs are the most robust programs within the industrial field. Investing in a resilient future means taking care of the planet now so future generations can live fulfilling lives. 

In addition to our commitment to sustainability and ESG programs, Phoenix Industrial is also proud of our solid Indigenous partnerships. Across Western Canada, we work closely with Indigenous communities and leaders to protect and preserve precious ecosystems. We use holistic and proactive environmental solutions and deep respect for Indigenous traditions and cultural practices to create project sites that integrate built and natural environments. At Phoenix Industrial, we look forward to partnering with you to add value to your project, protect our environment, and enrich the many communities in which we work and live.

Your One Stop Shop for Industrial Solutions

When it comes to comprehensive industrial contracting and construction services, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies is your trusted partner. Our team offers various services, including pre-planning strategizing, modular product solutions, and more. Our vast network of skilled labour and project professionals has the experience and expertise to ensure your project is successful. Regardless of the size or scale of your project, Phoenix Industrial can deliver exceptional results that work with your budget and time. We utilize cutting-edge technologies, training, and methodologies to mitigate potential risks, such as unnecessary costs. That way, the lifetime value of your project can be increased, Phoenix Industrial can meet your project goals, and we will address any potential core challenges immediately. Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies is driven to find innovative solutions that provide incredible performance and value for you, your project, and your stakeholders. 

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