Fabrication Facility


The Phoenix Industrial fabrication facility can support monthly up to 10,00 diamter inches of pipe welding and 1200 ton of structural steel welding.


Phoenix is capable of many different and complex projects. This includes boiler repair and construction, large to small diameter piping, structural steel and much more.

In 2014 the Phoenix Industrial fabrication facility has maintained a record of 0 lost time incidents. 

The Phoenix Industrial Difference

At Phoenix Industrial we understand the importance of providing our clients with exceptional value through our fabrication facility.  This comes in several different ways, one of the key value offerings is our exceptional quality control package.  We understand the cost and risk of receiving material to your project, which is why we have established QC procedures in our facility to ensure that everything that leaves is thoroughly inspected under all the applicable codes, and that all the proper traceability is in place. The other key value offering we provide our clients with is to ensure that they receive up to date real time reporting.  We understand how important this is to our clients and how much value this can bring, especially when the fabricated material is the critical path on the project. Lastly, our simple score carding system allows us to ensure that productivity remains high without the need for increased overhead.

Recent Projects