ConocoPhillips Surmont 2 Boiler Install

The assembly and install of 18 OTSG boilers, including all annexs, interconnecting piping, crossover ducting economizers, stacks, structural steel, burner management systems, blowers, preheaters, and associated ducting.  Original scope included 8 new OTSG boilers, and an additional 6 boilers that needed to be completed.  After these were completed the additional boilers were then awarded.

OTSG Boiler Install – SAGD Facility

Managed fabrication, trucking, and all NDT.

127,000 man-hours managed to date.

Completed with 0 lost time incidents.

Project Challenges

Phoenix has worked very closely with Express Integrated Technologies (EIT) on the installation of many boilers over a variety of projects.  As EIT has no construction arm, they and the client, Conoco Phillips, were in need of a contractor with the ability to manage all of the installations, and come up with a detailed plan of action with the ability to execute. 

The Phoenix Industrial Solution

Phoenix Industrial has, in the past three years, been a prime contractor in the assembly and installation of various sizes and models of OTSG’s and their related components, from the radiant sections, to the annexes, to the stack, etc. Phoenix has become recognized throughout the market as one of the more proficient, professional, qualified, and experienced operators in both the assembly and installation of these units. Our trusted status has made us one of the contractors of choice on this type of work, and we continually prove why we have earned this status. Our workface planning, combined with our systems of project controls, enables Phoenix Industrial to supply clients with the most current and up to date information and statistics, from the daily budget, to scheduling, and performance factors of all our crews working on site. This service of score carding, combined with cost coding, is a transparent aspect of our operation, and gives our clients the most accurate and detailed figures out of anyone in the industry. We supply the construction management team with the same statistics and figures as the general contractor, giving our clients complete visibility and accountability of progress on a day to day basis. With our scope expanded to include all remaining OTSG’s, Phoenix has successfully managed and documented turnover from the previous contractor, as confirmed by ABSA. Having just completed the installation of six OTSG’s built by the same manufacturer, we have been well received by the client, who is very satisfied with the performance of Phoenix Industrial and is very pleased with the transition.

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