With an increased drive towards more sustainable energy resources in Western Canada, thermal energy can provide your operations with a viable renewable energy solution. Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies is a leader in the industrial world as we provide our partners with innovative technologies that effectively harness thermal energy sources. Our team of experts can provide significant support for the construction and management of your next thermal energy project, regardless of the scale or scope. Next, we’ll discuss why you should partner with Phoenix Industrial for your next thermal energy project. Continue reading to learn more!

Performance and Data-Driven Industrial Services

For over 25 years, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies has been a leader in Western Canada for various end-to-end industrial services. Over the years, we’ve undertaken some challenging projects with expertise and our field-proven approach to add value to those projects. We utilize unparalleled visibility, attention to detail, and accountability to ensure our comprehensive services meet and exceed your project’s needs. Below are some of our services:

  • Fabrication
  • Modular Assembly
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Maintenance
  • Workface Planning
  • And more!

At Phoenix Industrial, we take a performance and data-driven approach to thermal energy projects, which enables our team to set new industry standards for the industrial sector in Western Canada. Through a combination of expertise, technology, and efficiency Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies can discover innovative solutions for your thermal energy project. 

A More Sustainable Future

As the industrial sector transitions towards clean energy and sustainable practices, your organization needs to partner with a team that can continue to innovate. Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies uses a unique industrial execution approach, including transparent reporting, carbon accounting, and in-depth environmental insights. In addition, Phoenix Industrial is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of the sustainable thermal energy industry through our robust ESG programs, partnerships with CCDI, Indigenous communities, and other community-minded organizations. 

Incredibly Quality and Safety

Our Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies team understands that quality and safety are at the core of every industrial project. We are committed to maintaining high safety, quality, and performance standards for our thermal energy projects. We are proud to offer ISO-certified processes and procedures to ensure challenge-free thermal energy operations and performance at every stage of your project. In addition, our Quality Management team remains actively involved during the construction of your project to ensure your operation’s particular needs are met. Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies goes above and beyond to keep you and your stakeholders fully informed during our work on your project by guaranteeing your expectations with integrated project performance reporting. 

Ready to Learn More About Thermal Energy?

Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies’ numerous clients decides to partner with us because they trust our incredible expertise in thermal energy projects and other industries. Our team is dedicated to delivering innovative and advanced solutions for your complex thermal energy projects. To learn more about thermal energy services at Phoenix Industrial, contact our team today! 

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