ESG Program

We share a passion and commitment to living out each of these Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards at all levels of our company—investing in a more resilient future for generations to come.

We only have one planet, and we love living here. That change starts with us….and we know our clients believe the same.

ESG Principles

At Phoenix Group of Companies, our goal is to see every project through to completion, leaving it with a greater net positive impact than when we started. These ESG benchmarks are the minimum standards we follow to help us achieve that goal through actionable analytics, helping us to make better business decisions every day.


  • Carbon balance accounting
  • Energy-efficient procedures
  • Renewable resource management
  • Water conservation program
  • Climate change risk assessment


  • Inclusivity and diversity in hiring
  • Pay equity and pay transparency
  • Equal opportunity employer
  • Indigenous partnerships
  • Health & safety in the workplace


  • Ethical supply chains
  • Transparent shareholder communication
  • Accountable financial reporting
  • Independent board of directors
  • Anti-corruption/anti-fraud policies

Mission Statement

We continuously strive to maximize every project owner’s return on investment through proficient project execution and superior field efficiency.

Our ESG Commitment

Our commitment to sustainable practice extends beyond our own company. Over the years, we’ve established partnerships with well-known, well-respected Indigenous firms that have an extensive wealth of knowledge and expertise in sustainable ventures.

Curious how we implement these standards in our company? Read more about PGC’s enhanced health and safety practices in the workplace, the ethical use of natural resources, and our involvement with ethical and social justice initiatives throughout our communities.

ESG Documents