When it comes to large-scale modular assembly, bigger is almost always better. Industrial owners and operators need partners that provide not only on-time and on-budget results, but also the necessary capacity and infrastructure to handle your requirements. Inadequate production capacity will inevitably cause project delays, costing you and your stakeholders time and money. On the other hand, a partner that can consistently deliver results will add value through increased efficiency.

Phoenix Group’s modularization division has a proven track record of success in challenging industrial fabrication projects across Western Canada. Our industry-leading modular assembly facilities enable us to deliver high-performance industrial components that maximize return on investment for you and your stakeholders. Learn more about Phoenix Group’s modular assembly facilities below.

Ready for Any Challenge

Phoenix’s modular assembly facilities are capable of handling the largest, most demanding projects in today’s heavy industry. Our facilities are ready to support the largest, most demanding modular projects with a 40-acre facility fully equipped with compacted and tested gravel, drainage slopes, security fencing, heated storage, and other critical features. Best of all, our facility is strategically located adjacent to Alberta’s high-load corridor for efficient and cost-effective transportation.

Our facilities are engineered to enable high-volume production, with the capacity to stand 66 full-sized Alberta modules at once. We also feature industry-leading turnover capabilities of up to 300 modules annually. With comprehensive ISO 9001-certified quality management systems, Phoenix is ready to produce industry-enabling modules that meet the requirements of the most challenging applications.

Fully Integrated Industrial Services

For the last 25 years, Phoenix Group has worked across all heavy industries, helping our partners find value-adding solutions to every challenge. Our full-circle approach has led us to offer services and support for every industrial project, including:

As a full-line service provider, Phoenix Group’s innovative and performance-driven approach enables us to challenge the status quo and set new standards for Western Canadian industry.

Looking for a Modular Assembly Partner?

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