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Industrial projects in Northern Canada have unique challenges. Not all contractors are created equal; the industrial construction firm you choose can greatly impact your next project’s success.

For nearly 30 years, Phoenix Group has delivered visibility, accountability, and value to our heavy industrial partners in the Northwest Territories and across Western Canada. Today, our innovative construction management services challenge the status quo and provide industry-leading results when it matters most. From fabrication and logistics to workface planning and comprehensive reporting, Phoenix’s forward-thinking approach can take your operation to new heights.

Industrial Services Made for the North

Whether it’s oil and gas, mining, or innovative first-of-kind projects, Northern Canad’s heavy industrial sector is highly dynamic with a unique set of challenges and requirements. No matter your operation’s specific needs, you need a contractor with the right blend of talent, technology, and tempo to make your next project a success.

Phoenix Group is engineered to provide fast, efficient execution for even the most challenging projects from the board room to the field. Our diverse team boasts cross-industry experience and expertise that can add value to any operation, while our full-circle approach includes fully integrated construction, fabrication, modularization, and maintenance services to support every project from initiation to completion. Finally, comprehensive logistics and planning tailored to the NWT’s unique environment enable rapid deployment and execution without sacrificing communication, quality, or performance.

Industry-Enabling Innovation

With decades of experience working on some of the most challenging industrial projects in Western Canada, Phoenix understands firsthand that an innovative, proactive approach is key to any project’s success. This is doubly true in the Northwest Territories, where both innovation and

Phoenix Group’s robust ERP enables us to monitor, manage, and deliver complete performance data for every aspect of your next project. Our experienced team is ready to draw actionable insight and optimize every element of the most complex projects. Only Phoenix adds value to every project through unrivalled depth in performance data, leveraging our expertise to turn insight into measurable performance for our partners. Best of all, fully integrated reporting ensures you and your stakeholders are informed through every phase.

Progressive Practices for a Better Tomorrow

At Phoenix, continual innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s data-driven refinement of construction and maintenance plans, complete carbon accounting and reporting, industry-leading indigenous partnerships, or forward-thinking ESG commitments, Phoenix continually strives to do better by our clients, our environment, and the communities in which we live and work. Partnering with Phoenix keeps your organization on the leading edge, while ensuring your community and the environment are supported every step of the way.

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