First of Kind Projects

First of Kind Projects

Western Canadian heavy industry has always been made up of dynamic, challenging fields. Today, this is true more than ever, with operations across all sectors looking to gain competitive advantages in increasingly competitive landscapes. Whether it’s oil and gas, power generation, or the next generation of renewable energy, organizations are increasingly looking at innovative first-of-kind projects to upgrade their facilities, increase operational efficiency, and ultimately shift towards profitable, sustainable operations.

With three decades of experience and expertise, Phoenix Group is ready to help operations of all sizes and scopes tackle unique first-of-kind projects. With complete end-to-end industrial services and a paradigm-shifting approach to execution, only Phoenix can make your next project successful through an unrivalled blend of talent, technology, and tempo.

End-to-End Industrial Services

Phoenix Group has provided innovative solutions to every industrial challenge for nearly 30 years. With proven results in some of the most challenging projects undertaken in Western Canada, Phoenix Group has the experience and expertise to support any industrial project from initiation to completion. Our comprehensive service offerings include:

  • Fabrication. Phoenix’s fabrication division has the expertise and capacity to support today’s most challenging and complex industrial projects, including carbon capture technology and innovative first-of-kind renewable energy projects.

  • Modular Assembly. Phoenix excels in the efficient assembly and delivery of high-performance modules across all industries and sectors with a proven record of success in modular projects of all sizes and scopes.

  • Construction Management. From estimating and project controls to procurement, workface planning, and more, Phoenix’s lean operational principles and forward-thinking approach to construction management deliver world-class results through rapid turnarounds and unrivalled efficiency.

  • Maintenance. Decades of experience combined with a data-driven approach to facility maintenance allow Phoenix to develop optimal routines that maximize your facility’s uptime and protect your investment.

Industry-Leading Approach & Execution

First-of-kind projects require forward-thinking practices and execution. While there are plenty of industrial service providers in today’s marketplace, not all of them are equipped to deliver on-time, on-budget results for the most complex industrial projects.

At Phoenix, our innovative, data-driven approach allows us to deliver results and exceed expectations. Armed with meticulously gathered insight, our experienced team of specialists and technicians streamline and optimize every element of your next project from initiation to completion.

When it comes time to execute, our progressive Workface Planning practices ensure the right people have the right resources at the right time, maximizing productivity throughout fabrication, transportation, and field construction. Phoenix Group’s flat organizational model enables industry-leading efficiency and execution while eliminating bottlenecks at every stage. Our competitive model and industry-leading execution allow Phoenix to consistently compete with (and often surpass) the offerings of larger Tier 1 construction firms.

Progressive Practices for a Better Tomorrow

At Phoenix, continual innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s data-driven refinement of construction and maintenance plans, standard carbon accounting and reporting, or one of the strongest ESG programs in the industry, Phoenix continually strives to do better by our clients, our environment, and the communities in which we live and work. Partnering with Phoenix keeps your organization on the leading edge, ensuring you’re ready to proactively tackle any

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