Canada’s natural gas industry is rapidly evolving. With an increasing need for SAGD and other cogeneration technologies to be implemented, many organizations are looking for industrial contractors to help make their next project a success. From greenfield projects to facility upgrades and maintenance, every project can benefit from high-performance partners driven to deliver results.

Since 1995, Phoenix Group has built a proven reputation for visibility, accountability, and value in industrial projects across Western Canada. Today, we provide comprehensive end-to-end industrial services tailored to the unique requirements of the natural gas industry. PGC’s full-circle approach provides unmatched efficiency, performance, and value for organizations and their stakeholders. Learn more about our industrial services for the natural gas industry below.

Comprehensive Services for the Natural Gas Industry

Over the last three decades, Phoenix Group has built its name on reliable end-to-end industrial service for operations of all sizes and scopes. Today, we proudly offer fully integrated service offerings tailored to the natural gas industry’s needs, including:

  • Fabrication. Phoenix’s fabrication division has the expertise and capacity to support today’s most challenging and complex industrial projects, including carbon capture technology and innovative first-of-kind renewable energy projects.
  • Modular Assembly. Phoenix excels in the efficient assembly and delivery of high-performance modules across all industries and sectors with a proven record of success in modular projects of all sizes and scopes.
  • Construction Management. From estimating and project controls to procurement, workface planning, and more, Phoenix’s lean operational principles and forward-thinking approach to construction management deliver world-class results through rapid turnarounds and unrivalled efficiency.
  • Maintenance. Decades of experience combined with a data-driven approach to facility maintenance allow Phoenix to develop optimal routines that maximize your facility’s uptime and protect your investment.

Phoenix’s innovative, performance-driven approach enables us to consistently challenge the status quo, setting new benchmarks for full-circle project execution in the Western Canadian natural gas industry.

Forward-Thinking, Field-Proven

As the natural gas industry evolves, organizations need industrial partners ready to keep pace. To help meet the demands of modern industry, Phoenix Group has developed a forward-thinking approach to industrial services rooted in data-driven insight and performance analysis. With field-proven experience working on some of the most challenging projects in Western Canada, we believe that an informed, proactive approach is vital to success.

Powered by our robust proprietary ERP, Phoenix’s comprehensive reporting and data collection tools enable us to monitor, manage, and deliver complete performance insights for every element of your project. Our experienced team of analysts and technicians deliver actionable insight through every stage, streamlining and optimizing every phase from start to finish. Finally, integrated project performance reporting keeps you and your stakeholders fully informed through every step of development.

Our competitive model and industry-leading execution allow PGC to consistently compete with (and often surpass) the offerings of larger Tier 1 industrial firms. Our efficient, results-oriented practices deliver a combination of value and performance ideal for the demands of today’s natural gas industry.

Building a Better Tomorrow

Forward-thinking innovation is the driving force behind everything we do at Phoenix. From data-driven optimization of construction and maintenance plans to standard carbon accounting and reporting, we’re continually refining our practices to keep our clients’ projects on the leading edge of industrial practices and productivity.

Additionally, Phoenix Group is committed to maintaining strong indigenous partnerships across Western Canada, along with one of the most robust ESG programs in Canadian heavy industry today. Phoenix Group continually strives to add value for our clients, protect our environment, and enrich the communities in which we live and work. Partnering with Phoenix keeps your organization on the leading edge, ensuring you’re ready to tackle any challenge in today’s evolving natural gas industry.

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