Throughout many industries in Canada, builders are constantly undergoing increasing pressure to deliver a tremendous volume of projects while also dealing with construction challenges. Many projects face various obstacles, such as keeping up with compliance regulations, adapting to technological changes and coping with labour shortages that unfortunately result in loss of money and time.

In order to avoid unnecessary losses, construction solution providers have begun implementing WorkFace Planning (WFP) throughout their industrial projects to ensure that they are working according to schedule, documentation is being managed, and cash flow is being spent efficiently. In fact, WFP is now a common requirement within many construction contracts. Learn more about WorkFace planning below.

What is WorkFace Planning?

The primary purpose of WorkFace Planning (WFP) is to overcome the challenges in construction that manifest in cost overruns and result in delays and cancellations. It is an efficient and effective approach to optimize the project and ensure that you have the right people, materials, tools and resources at the right time. With WFP, companies can properly organize their construction process, enhance their front-end planning and adjust their design and procurement accordingly. In order to effectively execute the planning of the deliverables on site, an installation work package (IWP) is developed.

What Is An Installation Work Package?

An Installation Work Package (IWP) is developed by a field crew expert to align the WorkFace planning strategy with the actual performance onsite. IWP contains all the necessary documentation that supports WorkFace execution, including work breakdown structure, safety analysis, permits, inspection checklists, drawings, model shots, etc. In an IWP, responsibilities are assigned throughout the construction project to coordinate the workflow between engineering, construction and procurement personnel. This will allow companies to strategically plan an effective scope of work by eliminating any constraints and identifying potential problems in order to solve them before they impact the project. 

Benefits of WFP For Your Project

Properly implementing WFP will ensure successful field execution and increase the efficiency of construction projects in any industry. Partnering with a construction solution provider that implements WFP will not only improve productivity in large-scale construction projects but will also improve the following:

  • Project cost 
  • Project schedule
  • Safety awareness
  • Project performance
  • Labour productivity

WorkFace Planning is considered one of the best practices of project planning and management that reduces paperwork, decreases turnover and increases reporting accuracy. By structuring the workflow, WFP can improve your project’s productivity and efficiency.

Value of WFP with Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies

When taking on a project, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies (PIGC) starts by discussing the initial plan and strategically arranging the phases of the project. The planning stage is crucial as our team of experts begins to carefully follow through with WFP to develop an efficient and effective scope of work. During this stage, PIGC will assess all the possible risks to identify all the situations and processes that may negatively impact the project. By identifying potential threats, PIGC will be able to implement proactive strategies to address and mitigate risks to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the scope of work. 

We also begin allocating the necessary resources and converting the Construction Work Package (CWP) to an effective Installation Work Package (IWP). At Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies, we develop our IWP templates according to each industry and improve them depending on the scope of work of every project. Our primary goal is to ensure the process of organizing and delivering all the elements in an IWP is carried out accurately and efficiently. 

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No matter the size or location of your project, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies is always prepared to go the extra mile for our partners. We utilize novel technology and data-driven approaches to execute projects rapidly throughout Western Canada. Contact us today to speak to our team of specialists that will help you establish a strong foundation for your project. 

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