To begin and complete an industrial construction project, you need effective and accountable management and planning. At Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies, our workface planning services can provide you with the support, data, and management solutions you need to ensure your industrial construction project is successful. Our approach to workface planning is forward-thinking and capable of delivering results on time and within budget. Below we’ll learn about Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies’ workface planning services. Continue reading to find out more! 

Designed for Success

At the foundation of Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies’ project management strategy is workface planning. Workface planning is a proactive approach our team uses to focus on funds, tools, materials, resources and information and ensure those things reach the right people at the right time. By being better prepared in advance with the tools and information we need, our team at Phoenix Industrial can more effectively use those resources to ensure that your reserves are adequately utilized to sustain your project. Essentially, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies uses our workface strategy to guarantee success for your project by being prepared and accountable in advance. By exhaustively planning and project scoping over the years, our team has helped numerous clients’ projects save time and money while improving productivity during construction. Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies works hard to collaborate with teams and divisions to communicate progress, control costs, and project efficiency in an accountable and transparent manner. Let our team of experienced professionals help your project establish a strong foundation with workface planning. 

Workface Planning Services from Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies

For over 25 years, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies has delivered transparency, accountability, and incredible value to our clients and their industrial construction projects. Our workface planning approach to comprehensive industrial services allows our team to provide outstanding performance at every stage of construction. That way, your project can improve its return on investment through our team’s efforts to add value through increased efficiency and quality. 

At Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies, we use fully integrated WFP platforms, robust ERP software and technology, and careful document control to provide project performance data throughout your project seamlessly. By utilizing this technology and embracing innovation, our teams deliver actionable insights about your project so that we can work together to streamline and optimize it. Regardless of how complex your project is or the scope and size of your project, our integrated project reporting will keep you and your stakeholders informed throughout your project. 

With almost three years of experience working on numerous projects across Western Canada, the Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies’ team has built a reputation for accountability, value, and quality. Our workface planning approach includes several other fully integrated services such as construction, modularization, maintenance support, and more! So regardless of the market, scale, or complexity of your next project Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies is ready to provide you with innovative solutions and support. 

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