Shutting down a plant is much more complex than it seems to be. Plant owners cannot shut down a plant at any given time; they dedicate a specific time of year for equipment maintenance, as every day of shut down is another day of losing money. That being said, maintenance and repairs should never be done in a hurry, as this might cause significant hazards. 

As a COR-certified industrial construction company, safety is the number one priority during plant shutdown services at Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies. Our specialists are dedicated to working within any timeline while maintaining the necessary safety standards. Read on to learn more about our plant shutdown services. 

Plant Maintenance

Large industrial plants require ongoing maintenance to sustain performance and productivity. Annual plant shutdown and maintenance are often mandated by federal and state governing agencies to ensure that the plant is running efficiently within the required regulations to prevent accidents due to faulty equipment. A shutdown scheduling depends on the operational and warranty requirements on when the equipment should be serviced and inspected. During a shutdown, operators can effectively inspect the equipment and fix or prevent issues before they arise. Delaying maintenance could cause costly outages, work injuries or even unplanned shutdowns, so it’s always best practice to make time for a maintenance plant shutdown. 

With over 25 years of experience, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies has worked in all types of industries and partnered with various clients throughout Western Canada to manage their annual plant shutdown maintenance safely. We understand the cost of having a shutdown and work with our clients to explore alternative maintenance solutions to reduce their total overhead costs. Through our years of experience, we have found that implementing a data-driven approach is the best way to manage a safe and efficient maintenance service. We carefully calculate all the necessary resources needed, mitigate possible risks and anticipate future challenges to create actionable strategies that maximize plant safety and productivity throughout our maintenance service

Plant Turnarounds 

Unlike plant maintenance and repairs, where the production is halted for one to two weeks, plant turnarounds typically last for up to a few months. Plants usually schedule turnarounds every few years to maintain the overall success of the plant or refinery as they help companies become aware of potential accidents, errors and threats. Similar to maintenance shutdowns, turnarounds allow companies to improve any possible issues before they become a serious hazard. 

During turnaround services, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies thoroughly inspects the plant and begins to list all the possible issues that may arise during operation. Our team of specialists develops a unique turnaround plan with a defined scope of work and detailed execution for every turnaround project. We are fully prepared to manage change for the addition or removal of equipment, such as replacing or removing tanks, pipes or any other heavy equipment. We use novel technology to help us reach more accurate results and rapidly execute turnaround services while maintaining standard safety protocols.

Ensure Safe and Efficient Plant Shutdown Services 

Stay on schedule with our highly organized and cost-effective plant shutdown services. Our data-driven approach will help you minimize the overall cost of shutting down your plant while adhering to necessary safety standards. Contact us today to learn more about our plant shutdown services, including our 24/7 on-demand maintenance services.

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