With plant shutdown and turnaround season looming, many industrial operations are looking for industrial service providers to make their turnaround as efficient as possible. Turnaround is critical to any operation’s success; every minute of extra downtime translates into lost time and money for you and your stakeholders. On the other hand, well-executed shutdowns and turnarounds can help ensure sustained productivity, prolonged equipment life, and safety for your workers. When choosing a partner for your next shutdown and turnaround, you need a reliable firm with proven experience getting facilities back online quickly and efficiently.

Phoenix Group’s has a proven track record of executing plant shutdowns and turnarounds, helping operations of all sizes and scopes maintain safe, productive facilities. Our full-circle approach allows us to anticipate challenges and minimize risk, all while maximizing ROI for you and your stakeholders every step of the way. Learn more about PGC’s plant shutdown and turnaround services below.

Data-Driven Results

There are countless factors to examine when planning a shutdown and turnaround, no matter the size of the facility. Timing, resource allocation, operational stability, asset integrity, and regulatory compliance must all be carefully considered. Even the smallest details warrant attention; in today’s highly complex industrial facilities, minor blips can quickly grow into full-scale setbacks that can keep your facility offline for longer than anticipated.

Phoenix Group’s data-driven approach to shutdown and turnaround management offers industry-leading insight into every aspect of your project. By monitoring, managing, and delivering in-depth performance data, PGC provides actionable information to streamline and optimize your turnaround timeline. By pairing experience and expertise with an analytical approach, we consistently help our partners achieve on-time, on-budget, and value-adding results.

Rapid Deployment & Execution

Although insight is a critical part of how we operate, data alone won’t deliver a successful turnaround. Agility is key; a successful shutdown and turnaround need a maintenance partner ready to anticipate, react to, and overcome any potential challenges, adding value through reliable execution and peace of mind.

Phoenix Group’s flat organizational model delivers accountability, fast decision-making, and industry-leading execution to our plant shutdowns and turnarounds. By streamlining the decision-making process, Phoenix is ready for rapid deployment through every phase of your next shutdown and turnaround, minimizing downtime and ensuring your property, equipment, and personnel are protected. Most importantly, Phoenix’s integrated project reporting keeps you and your stakeholders fully informed every step of the way.

Comprehensive Industrial Services with Phoenix Group

With nearly three decades of success working on some of the most challenging projects in Western Canada, Phoenix Group has the resources and capabilities to tackle maintenance and support projects of all sizes. We’re ready to deliver results in all aspects of heavy industrial construction and maintenance, with services including:

  • Fabrication. Phoenix’s fabrication division has the expertise and capacity to support the most challenging and complex industrial projects today, including innovative first-of-kind projects for clients across all industries and sectors.
  • Modular Assembly. Phoenix excels in the efficient assembly and delivery of high-performance modules your operation needs, with a proven record of success in modular projects of all sizes and scopes.
  • Construction Management. From estimating and project controls to procurement, workface planning, and more, Phoenix’s lean operational principles and forward-thinking approach to construction management deliver world-class results that add value to any project and its stakeholders.
  • Maintenance. Decades of experience combined with a data-driven approach to facility maintenance allow Phoenix to develop optimal routines that increase facility productivity, while industry-leading agility and rapid deployment maximize your facility’s uptime.
  • And much, much more!

Our fully integrated service offerings allow Phoenix to bring innovation, quality, and workmanship to every project, supporting our valued partners with innovative and efficient solutions to every challenge.

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