Maintenance is a critical factor in any industrial facility’s performance. Across all sectors, optimized maintenance protocols add value through lower overall costs and increased productivity. On the other hand, poorly coordinated maintenance routines can lead to unnecessary downtime, decreased performance, and even hazards that can threaten your equipment, personnel, or even the facility itself. If your operation is looking for a plant maintenance partner, you need a firm with the experience and expertise to make your plant as efficient and productive as possible.

Since 1995, Phoenix Group’s maintenance division has established a proven record of value-adding maintenance services that maximize productivity and ROI for industrial owners and operators. Our forward-thinking, analytical approach to regular and emergency maintenance mitigates risk, proactively addresses challenges, and has been proven to increase operational performance in facilities of all sizes and scopes. Read on to learn more about Phoenix Group’s maintenance services below.

Complete Maintenance Capabilities

With nearly three decades of experience in pulp and paper, oil and gas, power generation, and other heavy industries, Phoenix Group is ready to tackle facility maintenance and support projects of all sizes and scope. Our service capabilities extend across numerous applications and industries, including (but not limited to):

  • Plant Shutdowns and Turnarounds
  • Routine Maintenance & Inspection
  • Piping Fabrication and Installation
  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Complete Welding Services
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection
  • Pressure Vessel Repairs and Alterations
  • Tank Erection and Repairs
  • Equipment Rigging and Installation
  • Millwright Services
  • Complete Job Estimates
  • Tool and Equipment rental
  • Qualified Supervision and Trades Personnel

With fully-integrated construction, fabrication and modularization teams, Phoenix Group is ready to bring innovation, quality, and workmanship to every worksite, providing our valued partners with innovative, value-adding solutions to any maintenance challenge.

Rapid Results To Keep You Online

When it comes to maintenance, speed and efficiency are critical to success; prolonged downtimes can be disastrous and costly for you and your stakeholders. In addition to the right routine, your maintenance partner needs to be ready for rapid deployment to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Phoenix Group’s flat organizational model unites talent, technology, and tempo to enable rapid deployment in both routine and emergency maintenance. Our team is built from top to bottom to act quickly, acting on insight to maximize your plant’s uptime while ensuring your property, equipment, and personnel are protected.

Full-Circle Thinking for Peak Performance

Effective industrial plant maintenance is all about balance; time, resources, operational stability, asset integrity, and regulatory compliance are all critical components of your facility’s operation. Even minor details and oversights can quickly develop into full-scale setbacks that cripple your facility, costing you and your stakeholders costing you time and money.

Phoenix Group takes a comprehensive analytical approach to facility maintenance to help organizations over come these challenges. Our data-driven plans yield actionable information that can optimize maintenance routines for both peak performance and minimal downtime. By monitoring, managing, and delivering in-depth operational insight into every aspect of your facility, Phoenix helps our partners increase productivity, decrease downtime, and minimize safety risks through proactive maintenance routines. Most importantly, Phoenix’s integrated project performance reporting keeps you and your stakeholders fully informed every step of the way.

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