Every industrial construction project needs effective management and planning. Whether you’re upgrading an existing facility or engineering first-of-kind industrial technologies, time and resource management is critical to success. Especially in large-scale projects, inefficiencies in front-end planning, procurement, design, construction, and maintenance can result in lost time, wasted labour, and diminished ROI for you and your stakeholders. To help mitigate risk, many organizations turn to Workface Planning to ensure their industrial projects are managed effectively from start to finish.

Phoenix Group has been a leading Western Canadian industrial service provider for the last three decades. Our forward-thinking approach leverages Workface Planning principles to deliver on-time, on-budget results for projects of all sizes and scopes. Read on to learn more about how Workface Planning can add value to any industrial project, as well as how Phoenix uses Workface Planning to make every project a success.

What is Workface Planning?

Workface Planning is an analytical method of organizing and delivering necessary elements for field construction projects. The methodology was developed to streamline Alberta Oil Sands projects suffering from cost overruns in front-end planning, design, procurement, organization processes, and construction. To solve these issues, organizations developed systems to plan, coordinate, and optimize every stage of construction to maximize efficiency and eliminate unnecessary costs and delays. These systems ultimately evolved into Workface Planning and were subsequently adopted across numerous heavy industrial sectors looking to streamline and optimize complex projects.

Although it can seem complex, the key goal of Workface Planning is simply to get the right resources to the right people at the right time. By analyzing required materials, documentation, and other resources and creating discreet “packages” strategically delivered to worksites at optimal times, Workface Planning can maximize the efficiency of even the most complex projects.

Workface Planning is an all-encompassing approach to industrial services. Rather than looking at project elements individually, workface planning helps organizations how these elements interact with one another while streamlining these interactions to maximize efficiency (and eliminate unnecessary downtime and overruns).

Additional benefits of Workface Planning include:

  • Improved project party alignment & collaboration
  • Reduced rework
  • Improved project cost & schedule
  • Improved safety awareness & performance
  • Decreased supervisor & craft turnover
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced turnover and client satisfaction

Recent analysis has shown Workface Planning can improve labour efficiency by up to 25%, resulting in an average of 10% savings on overall construction costs.

Workface Planning with Phoenix Group

Since 1995, Phoenix Group has delivered visibility, accountability, and value to industrial construction projects across Western Canada. Our Workface Planning-powered approach to comprehensive industrial services allows us to provide unparalleled performance in every stage of construction, adding value through increased efficiency, quality, and stakeholder ROI.

Phoenix’s fully integrated WFP platforms, robust ERP software, and industry-leading documentation control work together seamlessly to provide peak project performance from initiation to completion. Armed with these technologies, our project teams deliver actionable insight to streamline and optimize every aspect of even the most complex industrial projects. Finally, integrated project performance reporting keeps you and your stakeholders fully informed every step of the way.

When it’s time to execute in the field, PGC offers three decades of experience working on some of the most challenging projects in Western Canada. Our full-circle approach includes fully integrated construction, fabrication, modularization, and maintenance services to support projects of all sizes and scopes. No matter what your next project calls for, Phoenix Group is ready with innovative solutions to every construction challenge while delivering peak performance and value for you and your stakeholders.

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