Across all heavy industrial sectors, industrial owners and operators already know that quality is non-negotiable. Whether it’s fabrication, modular assembly, construction management, or maintenance, high-performance operations need reliable quality to ensure they remain productive and profitable in today’s competitive landscape. If your organization is looking for a service partner for your next project, you need a firm that takes quality as seriously as you and your stakeholders do.

Phoenix Group’s industrial service offerings are built on an unwavering commitment to quality and performance in everything we do. In addition to comprehensive certification and designators, our operating principles are engineered from the ground up to ensure complete quality control in all aspects of industrial operation. Read on to learn more about how Phoenix elevates quality control in heavy industry.


Fabrication & Modular Assembly

Fabrication and modular assembly projects involve some of the most detailed, complex processes in modern heavy industry. A small oversight in one stage of manufacturing can cascade into large-scale issues that cost your organization time and money in the short and long term. Especially in large-scale projects, it’s critical to ensure your fabrication/modular assembly partner is committed to thorough quality control at every stage.

Phoenix Group’s 40-acre facility can accommodate fabrication and modular assembly projects of any size. It is fully equipped to accommodate exotic metals, alloys, and other unique project requirements. Integrated ISO-certified quality management systems ensure quality and reliability from the shop to the field. With comprehensive project oversight and complete quality controls, Phoenix is equipped to deliver industry-enabling components for the most complex industrial fabrication and modular projects.


Construction Management

Stakes are high when it comes to field construction; while heavy industry demands on-time, on-budget results, cutting corners in the field can lead to decreased productivity, safety concerns, and other risks that compromise your next project’s profitability. The construction firm you choose needs to strike the right balance between efficiency and quality, ensuring you and your stakeholders receive maximum value for your investment in your next construction project.

Phoenix Group’s construction division brings talent, technology, and tempo to every construction project while ensuring industry-leading quality at every stage. Our unique, data-driven approach enables both rapid deployment and thorough quality assurance, from workface planning and field services to managing cost and performance KPIs. Phoenix’s ISO-certified processes and procedures ensure every phase of construction proceeds smoothly and efficiently with uncompromised performance. With integrated project performance reporting, Phoenix goes the extra mile to keep all stakeholders informed throughout your next project, ensuring that all aspects of our work exceed your expectations.


Facility Maintenance

When the time comes for your industrial plant or facility to undergo maintenance, industrial owners and their partners must consider countless factors, including time, resources, operational stability, asset integrity, and regulatory compliance. Of course, none of these considerations matter if maintenance and repairs don’t live up to quality expectations. Whether routine or emergency, your operation’s maintenance protocols must ensure reliable quality to keep your facility running smoothly.

Phoenix Group’s analytical approach to facility maintenance delivers routines that maximize productivity while ensuring consistent quality in all aspects of your operation. Our data-driven insight yields optimized maintenance routines engineered for peak performance and minimal downtime. By monitoring, managing, and delivering in-depth operational insight tailored to your facility, Phoenix’s proactive approach to maintenance help increase productivity, decrease downtime, and preserves the quality and regulatory compliance throughout your facility.


Complete Industrial Services with Phoenix Group

Over the last three decades, Phoenix Group has become a leading single-source provider for industrial services in Western Canada. Our innovative approach enables us to compete with (and often surpass) the capabilities of larger firms, all without compromising what matters most: quality. With experience and expertise in oil and gas, power generation, first-of-kind technologies, and numerous other heavy industrial sectors, Phoenix remains committed to providing unrivalled value for our clients through forward-thinking solutions to any industrial challenge.


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