Few large-scale industrial projects are as challenging and complex as modular assembly. Unfortunately, not every firm is up to the task. Even the smallest details can be critical; a seemingly minor oversight can quickly develop into a full-scale problem that can eat away at your organization’s bottom line. The partner you choose for your next modular project needs the experience and expertise to deliver high-performance modular components that add value to your operation every step of the way.

Phoenix Group continually strives to add value to industrial projects through a proven combination of talent, technology, and tempo. Our modularization division brings industry-leading quality and attention to detail to projects of all sizes and scopes, making us a Western Canadian leader for industrial services. Discover Phoenix Group’s innovative approach to modularization below.

Innovation-Driven Performance

The next generation of Western Canadian industry needs equally progressive partners ready to challenge the status quo and find value through innovative insight and performance-driven action. With over 25 years of proven expertise working on some of the most challenging projects in Western Canada, Phoenix Group believes that visibility, accountability, and value are critical to any project’s success.

Phoenix Group delivers industry-leading visibility, value, and accountability at every stage using advanced tools like our proprietary ERP system, leading-edge design software, and state-of-the-art documentation control. Our team leverages these tools to deliver actionable insight to streamline and optimize every aspect of the most complex modular projects. Finally, we use fully integrated project performance reporting to keep you and your stakeholders in the know from initiation to completion.

Industry-Leading Execution

In today’s fast-paced, challenging industrial climate, data is only useful when paired with efficient, effective execution. Especially in complex modular projects, operations need partners who are agile enough to anticipate, react to, and overcome any project challenge. Finally, the components produced must be up to the demanding standards of modern industry, delivering quality in value over their entire lifetimes.

From the front office to the mod yard, Phoenix Group is built for efficiency and execution. Our flat organizational model streamlines the decision-making process, allowing for rapid implementation and deployment through every stage of modular development. With fully integrated modular and fabrication teams, Phoenix is equipped to support every aspect of even the most technically demanding projects. Finally, our work is backed by ISO-certified quality management protocols that ensure our products meet the highest standards and expectations. When the time comes to get our solutions into the field, our facility’s strategic location on Alberta’s High-Load Corridor enables fast, efficient transportation with considerable cost savings.

Solutions for Any Sector

On top of modular assembly, Phoenix Group proudly offers comprehensive industrial services to meet our clients’ unique and challenging needs. As one of Western Canada’s leading full-line service providers, Phoenix Group’s fully integrated offerings provide total support for every stage of your next large-scale project.

No matter the size and scope of your next project, Phoenix Group’s innovative and performance-driven approach enables us to challenge the status quo and set new standards across all industries. From oil and gas and power generation to hydrogen and unique first-of-kind technologies, industry leaders rely on Phoenix for world-class quality in execution that keeps them ahead of the curve.

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