Fabrication plays a critical role in today’s heavy industrial landscape. Facilities, processes, and large-scale projects all require dependable infrastructure and components; when selecting a fabrication partner, making the right choice is critical. Your fabrication partner can drive your organization’s success or steer you towards unexpected delays, ballooning budgets, and substandard products.

Phoenix Group’s fabrication division has a proven record of success in industrial fabrication projects of all sizes and scopes. Our unique full-circle approach allows us to deliver high-performance industrial products that maximize return on investment for you and your stakeholders. Learn more about Phoenix Group’s fabrication process below.

Forward-Thinking Design & Engineering

The design and engineering phase of any project set the stage for success. The decisions made here can have far-reaching implications for any operation, which is why Phoenix Group is committed to providing comprehensive support to get your next project started off right.

Phoenix’s comprehensive review process analyzes every aspect of your project, identifying and rectifying any issues before they affect your bottom line. Our start-to-finish lifecycle cost approach minimizes costs from fabrication to shipping to installation in the field. Finally, integrated software tools enabling impactful and efficient communication between engineers and the fabrication team, ensuring all parties thoroughly understand your specifications and requirements.

In-Depth Planning and Procurement

Effective planning is critical to any large-scale industrial project. With the complexity found in today’s heavy industry, every detail matters; Phoenix’s approach to fabrication is rooted in data-driven analysis that helps our clients save time and money in both the short and long term.

Industry-leading Workface Planning techniques enable Phoenix to implement a critical path analysis for all project components. Our full-circle approach schedules, prioritizes, and optimizes every aspect of our work, allowing us to deliver maximum ROI for our clients and their stakeholders. In addition, our robust and streamlined supply chain enables us to quickly and effectively procure necessary materials, generating cost savings that are passed on to our clients. Finally, real-time project score carding and reporting allow open, transparent communication between Phoenix and our valued clients, keeping everyone informed every step of the way.

Complete Fabrication Capabilities

Although planning is a critical step in the process, your components still need to be built! After all, even the best-laid plans are irrelevant if your fabrication partner cannot consistently deliver high-quality products. For this reason, Phoenix Group remains committed to providing world-class production capabilities in our state-of-the-art fabrication facilities.

Our state-of-the-art 40-acre module and fabrication facility has the space to accommodate projects of all sizes and scopes. It is also fully equipped to handle a complete range of exotic metals, alloys, and other unique requirements. Additionally, our ISO 9001-certified quality management system and robust QA/QC protocol ensure our products are ready for the most demanding facility and field conditions, saving organizations on replacement, repairs, and maintenance.

Integrated Turnover and Delivery

Once a fabrication project is complete, the work doesn’t stop there. Your components ultimately need to end up in your facilities and processes (not to mention perform up to standard when they get there!). With over 25 years of experience working on some of the most challenging projects in Western Canada, Phoenix Group understands firsthand that turnover and delivery are critical to the success of any fabrication project.

Our industry-leading QA/QC protocol enables fast turnover packages with comprehensive and accurate documentation at the completion of every job. Our fabrication facility is strategically accessible by both rail and highway, decreasing costs for both receivables and deliveries. Finally, our fully integrated Construction and Maintenance divisions are ready to provide responsive solutions to your needs in the field.

Comprehensive Industrial Services with Phoenix

In addition to fabrication, Phoenix proudly offers comprehensive services and support for any industry’s unique and challenging needs. Whether it’s modularization, construction, maintenance, or beyond, Phoenix Industrial’s full-circle approach delivers industry-leading visibility, accountability, and value to projects of all sizes and scopes.

Looking for Fabrication Services?

Contact us today to learn about Phoenix Group’s complete fabrication services and capabilities.

Looking for Fabrication Services?

Learn about Phoenix Group’s complete fabrication services and capabilities.