Western Canada’s power generation industry is rapidly becoming one of the most diverse industrial sectors in North America. However, whether it’s a traditional fossil fuel facility, wind or solar farm, or next-generation thermal and hydrogen technology, performance-oriented industrial partners can help deliver on-time and on-budget results for you and your stakeholders. No matter the size or scope of your next project, organizations need partners and service providers ready to deliver from start to finish to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

For nearly 30 years, Phoenix Group has remained committed to delivering insight, innovation, and value for industrial construction projects across Western Canada. Our full-circle approach provides the power generation industry with world-class end-to-end industrial services that add value throughout even the most complex projects. Learn more about Phoenix Group’s comprehensive capabilities below.

Complete Integrated Services

Since 1995, Phoenix has built its reputation on proven results in every aspect of industrial construction. Today, we proudly provide a complete range of fully integrated industrial services for the power generation industry, including:

  • Fabrication. Phoenix’s fabrication division has the expertise and capacity to support the most challenging and complex industrial projects today, including innovative first-of-kind projects for clients across all industries and sectors.
  • Modular Assembly. Phoenix excels in the efficient assembly and delivery of high-performance modules your operation needs, with a proven record of success in modular projects of all sizes and scopes.
  • Construction Management. From estimating and project controls to procurement, workface planning, and more, Phoenix’s lean operational principles and forward-thinking approach to construction management deliver world-class results that add value to any project and its stakeholders.
  • Maintenance. Decades of experience combined with a data-driven approach to facility maintenance allow Phoenix to develop optimal routines that increase facility productivity, while industry-leading agility and rapid deployment maximize your facility’s uptime.

Phoenix’s performance-driven approach to industrial service enables us to continually raise the bar for industrial execution in Western Canada. Our refined combination of talent, technology, and tempo brings innovative solutions to every industrial challenge, supporting our partners in creating the future of the power generation industry.

Data-Driven Results

Data-driven insight drives Phoenix Industrial’s paradigm-shifting approach to industrial services. With nearly 30 years of field-proven experience supporting some of the most challenging projects across Western Canada, we firmly believe an informed, proactive approach is critical to the success of any project, especially in today’s power generation industry.

PGC’s approach to industrial services hinges on complete performance data on every part of your next project. Only Phoenix provides in-depth, actionable insight to streamline and optimize even the most complex projects by monitoring, managing, and delivering unparalleled insight into every aspect of construction. The result? Actionable information, sophisticated understanding, and exceptional value every step of the way.

Full-Circle Efficiency & Execution

Even complete capabilities and a revolutionary approach aren’t enough in today’s demanding power generation industry. Through every phase of your next project, your industrial service provider needs to be agile enough to anticipate, react to, and overcome challenges throughout your next project, all while reliably delivering on-time and on-budget results for you and your stakeholders.

PGC’s flat organizational model enables accountability, fast decision-making, and industry-leading execution from initiation to completion. Our unique approach allows for rapid deployment and implementation in every stage of construction, from workface planning and field services to managing cost and performance KPIs. Finally, our integrated project performance reporting keeps you and your stakeholders fully informed every step of the way.

PGC’s paradigm-shifting model allows us to consistently compete with (and often surpass) the offerings of larger Tier 1 construction firms. Our efficient, field-proven practices provide unmatched value and performance that delivers results in the most demanding projects.

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