Everybody’s looking for a competitive advantage in today’s oil sands industry. When it comes to facility construction and on-site fabrication, effective management can help you achieve on-time, on-budget results that add value for your entire operation. Conversely, ineffective management can result in delays, lost revenue, and other consequences that eat into your organization’s bottom line. When choosing a construction and fabrication partner for your next oil sands project, you need experience and expertise on your side to ensure success.

With over two decades of experience and expertise in oil sands projects, Phoenix Group delivers visibility, accountability, and value to our partners in Canada’s oil sands industry. Our full-circle approach to industrial services enables unrivalled efficiency and results in all aspects of oil sands construction and fabrication. Learn how Phoenix delivers industry-enabling construction management services for the oil sands below.

Industry-Leading Management

In Western Canada’s oilsands sector, organizations need to be forward-thinking and agile to maximize project ROI and remain competitive. At Phoenix Group, we understand this mentality firsthand, having developed a flexible, forward-thinking approach to support some of the largest industrial construction projects in Western Canada.

Phoenix’s adaptable, project-based approach gives our partners the best possible value in all areas of industrial construction and fabrication. Working with leading Western Canadian engineering firms, we proactively analyze every aspect of large-scale oil sands projects to identify and resolve issues before they affect your bottom line. Our comprehensive lifecycle cost approach delivers value and savings through every stage, including fabrication, shipping, and field construction.

Our highly competitive model allows Phoenix to compete with (and often surpass) the service offerings of Tier 1 construction and EPC firms. Our efficient, effective practices and comprehensive capabilities deliver unmatched value and performance you won’t find anywhere else in Western Canada today.

Forward-Thinking Construction & Fabrication

Alberta’s oil sands are a fast-paced, challenging industry; organizations need industrial partners that are resilient, adaptable, and ready to execute complex projects in the field. Not everyone can rise to the challenge; only the right combination of talent, technology, and tempo will deliver optimal execution and value that keeps you and your stakeholders happy.

PGC’s paradigm-shifting brings together data-driven insight with unrivalled efficiency and performance. Our experienced team of specialists and technicians monitor, manage, and deliver complete performance data for every aspect of your project, turning it into actionable insight to accelerate execution. Meanwhile, our lean operational principles enable rapid deployment in all areas of construction, on-site fabrication, and more. From modular assembly to full-scale construction of new facilities, industrial leaders rely on Phoenix to bring efficiency, flexibility, and performance to every aspect of today’s most demanding oil sands projects.

Complete Industrial Services for the Oil Sands

Phoenix Group has built its name on providing single-source industrial services to support every stage of the most complex projects. Since 1995, we’ve refined and perfected our service offerings to deliver maximum value for the oil sands industry. Today, we proudly offer fully integrated services for projects of all sizes and scopes, including:

  • Modularization
  • Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Workface Planning
  • Procurement Logistics
  • Materials Management
  • And More!

Phoenix’s forward-thinking, performance-driven approach enables us to rise above the status quo, setting new standards for full-circle project execution in Alberta’s oil sands industry.

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