WorkFace Planning in Alberta

What Is WorkFace Planning?

WorkFace Planning (WFP) is a well-defined scope of work that ensures the completion of a construction service by strategically planning all the elements of the project. The objective of WFP is to monitor and measure the different areas of construction and determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the scope of work. Read on to learn more about how Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies uses WorkFace Planning in Alberta. 

Every construction solutions provider implements WorkFace Planning differently, but it can be generally broken down into three main packages:

Installation Work Package (IWP)

An installation work package is a precise execution plan that incorporates all the necessary elements needed to complete the scope of work effectively. Each element is crafted before the work starts and contains all the pertinent documentation that supports the execution. IWP entails every aspect of the construction process and is meticulously planned and organized to ensure the scope of work’s safety, efficiency and effectiveness. 

Engineering Work Package (EWP)

An engineering work package is an engineering deliverable that identifies the diverse set of engineering deliverables that will be used to develop Construction Work Packages (CWPs). It usually contains a comprehensive list of foundational components, including design specifications, 3D models, change evaluation, engineering data, isometric drawings and a brief description of the intended construction scope. The scope of work is usually by discipline by area.

Construction Work Package (CWP)

A CWP is designed to contain detailed information to further define the scope of work. Most CWPs include timing, budgeting, deadlines, labour requirements, construction strategy, heavy equipment requirements, etc. Contrary to popular belief, a CWP is not produced during the construction phase of a project; it is developed before the construction stage as every construction phase changes according to the project’s scope and industrial field.

WFP With Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies

Through IWP, CWP and EWP, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies shapes each and every WFP according to our client’s needs and requirements. WFP allows us to establish a strong foundation for projects and helps us measure ourselves and accurately enhance our systems. Working with clients in various industries has allowed us to improve the safety, performance, scheduling, productivity and costs of many projects

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