Every industrial construction project can benefit from effective management. From oil and gas facilities and pulp and paper mills to the next generation of Canadian heavy industry, every operation needs performance-oriented partners ready to deliver from start to finish. In today’s fast-paced, challenging industrial sector, workface planning is quickly becoming the standard for operations that demand on-time, on-budget results for complex construction projects.

Because a workface planning approach encompasses nearly every aspect of an industrial construction project, owners and managers need to understand how WFP effectively delivers results in projects of all sizes and scopes. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of the principles of workplace planning, as well as how Phoenix Group leverages this progressive practice to deliver unparalleled efficiency and performance for its clients.

What is Workface Planning?

Workface Planning (often abbreviated to WFP) is a systematic approach to organizing and delivering necessary elements for field construction projects. Its methodology was developed to overcome the unique challenges found in Alberta’s Oil Sands industry, many of which led to cost overruns in front-end planning, design, procurement, organization processes, and construction. Today, WFP principles are used across all heavy industrial sectors to maximize project performance and ROI, with key benefits including:

  • Improved project party alignment & collaboration
  • Reduced rework
  • Improved project cost & schedule
  • Improved safety awareness & performance
  • Decreased supervisor & craft turnover
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced turnover and client satisfaction

Overall, WFP practices have been shown to improve labour efficiency by 25%, resulting in an average of 10% savings on overall construction costs.

Fundamentally, workface planning is a highly advanced system designed to get the right resources to the right people at the right time. WFP breaks down required materials, documentation, and other resources into discreet “packages,” strategically delivered to worksites to maximize productivity and eliminate potential constraints and bottlenecks. When executed correctly, WFP has been proven to save organizations time and money by streamlining and optimizing every aspect of your project.

Value-Adding WFP with Phoenix

Phoenix Group, we remain committed to delivering visibility, accountability, and value at every stage of industrial construction projects across Western Canada. Our WFP-powered approach allows us to provide unparalleled performance in all aspects of construction management, delivering the talent, technology, and tempo required to make your next project a success.

Phoenix’s fully integrated WFP platforms, leading-edge design software, and state-of-the-art documentation control work together seamlessly to provide industry-leading project performance from initiation to completion. Armed with these technologies, our project teams deliver actionable insight to streamline and optimize every aspect of your project. Finally, integrated project performance reporting keeps you and your stakeholders fully informed every step of the way.

Comprehensive Industrial Services

Phoenix Group continuously strives to maximize our partners’ ROI through proficient execution and superior efficiency. As part of our commitment to adding value, we proudly offer a complete range of integrated industrial services for all aspects of your next project.

We proudly provide over three decades of experience across all heavy industries, working on some of the most challenging projects in Western Canada. Our full-circle approach includes fully integrated construction, fabrication, modularization, and maintenance services to support your next project from initiation to completion. No matter your operation’s needs, Phoenix Group is driven to find innovative solutions that deliver peak performance and value for you and your stakeholders.

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