Engineering and construction firms are tasked with planning and designing complex projects throughout various industries. When running industrial projects, construction firms are often faced with several challenges during the process that result in delays and, oftentimes, loss of money. Building large projects in remote and extreme environments requires precise project management and meticulous execution to maintain peak efficiency and reduce the cost of operation. Owners of oil sands terminals often fall victim to project delays due to labour shortages or insufficient funds. 

At Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies (PIGC), we have a dedicated fabrication facility that is capable of efficiently supporting numerous projects, including oil sands fabrication projects, and are well equipped to deal with the challenges that might arise. Learn more about our integrated and cost-effective oil sands fabrication service below. 

Highly Advanced Fabrication Facility

For over 25 years, PIGC has been the leading contracting solutions provider for many oil sands fabrication projects across Western Canada. We have partnered with some of the largest oil sands companies to execute their projects throughout all stages of development efficiently. Our extensive experience with a variety of different projects has allowed us to prepare for the unique challenges and demands within the oil sands sector. 

Our fabrication facility is built with over 40 acres of space to be able to handle a range of metal and alloy fabrication and produce multiple projects at any given time. We offer clients various fabrication services, including piping, structural steel, sheet metal, tank fabrication and more. 

Oil Sands Fabrication Projects

Partnering with many clients on oil sands fabrication projects has given us the opportunity to showcase our fully integrated project management systems and processes. Our partners have experienced how our industry-leading WorkFace planning approach is able to solve the unique challenges of the oil sands fabrication industry. We have also provided many clients with increased profitability, reduced downtimes, lower operational costs and risk mitigation solutions. 

Safety and Compliance

In a challenging sector such as the oil sands industry, safety is key, which is why our safety program is an integral part of our project management service. Standardized training is integrated into all our services, including our fabrication services, to ensure that everyone understands the risks and challenges involved in the project and is able to overcome them effectively. During our WorkFace planning stage, we confirm that all our staff members are aware of the possible risks that could occur during the project and what are the most effective ways to deal with them. 

Our team of specialists combines data-driven insights with highly organized planning to determine what possible challenges can occur and how our team will overcome them to execute projects safely and efficiently. We have developed a unique in-house management system that allows us to carefully monitor the performance of our builders and employees in order to create an efficient and safe work environment. We are also certified by Alberta Construction Safety Association, ISNetworld, ComplyWorks and many more industry-recognized standards to ensure safety throughout all our projects. 

Partner with Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies

At Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards. We have developed programs that allow us to track every detail and report the data across all our services to be able to measure our results and enhance our systems accordingly. Throughout all our projects, we are 100% transparent with our partners and communicate the performance in the field in real-time. Contact us today to speak to our team of specialists about your upcoming oil sands fabrication project.

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