Renewable energy is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing sectors in Canadian heavy industry. From wind and solar farms to next-generation biomass and thermovoltaic technologies, renewable energy projects are set to revitalize the entire energy sector. Every player in renewable energy today shares the desire to challenge the status quo and find new, sustainable ways forward. Today, organizations need industrial service providers aligned with their vision, delivering value-adding results through innovative technologies, field-proven practices, and efficient project execution.

Since 1995, Phoenix Group has brought unrivalled visibility, accountability, and value for industrial projects across Western Canada. Today, PGC’s holistic, full-circle approach to industrial services allows us to service the renewable energy industry as a single-source, end-to-end industrial provider. Phoenix delivers talent, technology, and tempo to projects of all sizes and scopes, from construction management and facility maintenance to fabrication and innovative first-of-kind technologies. Learn more about Phoenix Group’s service offerings for the renewable energy industry below.

Revolutionary Renewable Energy with National Thermovoltaics

Waste heat from industrial facilities and processes is one of the most underutilized and undervalued sources of energy today. Wherever a process creates waste heat, there is potential to harness and convert it into clean, renewable electricity. Up until now, thermoelectric technologies have been perceived as complex, inefficient, and prohibitively expensive to implement practically. Today, however, PGC has a forward-thinking solution that’s set to redefine the role of renewable energy in heavy industry.

National Thermovoltaics, a subsidiary of Phoenix Group, has pioneered revolutionary heat-to-power technology capable of producing electricity at a megawatt-scale. NTV uses modular, solid-state carbon capture technology that delivers industry-leading efficiency and scalability while requiring minimal maintenance. Its architecture features industry-leading controls design, cyber security certification, tamper monitoring, location tracking, and other leading-edge features. Best of all, NTV modules can be bolted onto nearly any heat-producing industrial process, allowing any industrial facilities across all sectors to reclaim waste heat. National Thermovoltaics’ groundbreaking technology will help operations of all sizes offset power consumption, increase operational efficiency, and contribute to the bright future of clean energy.

Learn more about National Thermovoltaics here.

PGC’s Industrial Services for Renewable Energy

As one of Western Canada’s premier end-to-end industrial service providers, Phoenix Group provides innovative solutions to every industrial challenge. With three decades of proven results in some of the most challenging projects undertaken in Western Canada, PGC has the experience and expertise to add value to any project. Our comprehensive service offerings and paradigm-shifting approach makes us the ideal industrial partner for the renewable energy industry.

Our services include:

  • Fabrication. Phoenix’s fabrication division has the expertise and capacity to support today’s most challenging and complex industrial projects, including innovative first-of-kind projects for the renewable energy industry.
  • Modular Assembly. With a proven record of success in modular projects of all sizes and scopes, Phoenix excels in the efficient assembly and delivery of high-performance modules across all industries and sectors.
  • Construction Management. From estimating and project controls to procurement, workface planning, and more, Phoenix’s lean operational principles and forward-thinking approach to construction management deliver world-class results that add value to any renewable energy project.
  • Maintenance. Decades of experience combined with a data-driven approach to facility maintenance allow Phoenix to develop optimal routines that increase facility productivity, while industry-leading agility and rapid deployment maximize your facility’s uptime.

Phoenix’s full-circle, performance-driven approach enables us to challenge the status quo, setting new standards for all aspects of modern heavy industry. Our proven combination of talent, technology, and tempo drives us to find innovative solutions to every industrial challenge, supporting our partners in creating the future of renewable energy.

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Contact us today to learn more about Phoenix’s complete range of services for the renewable energy industry.

Ready to Get Started?

Learn more about Phoenix’s complete range of services for the renewable energy sector.