Across Western Canada, industrial owners and operators need fabrication services that provide consistent quality and value. From oil and gas, pulp and paper, and power generation to the next generation of heavy industry, the right fabrication partner will deliver talent, technology, and tempo from start to finish. Especially if your operation requires design and engineering services, your next partner is key to your next project’s success. Making the wrong choice can result in delays, ballooning budgets, and substandard products that will cost you even more over time.

Phoenix Group’s fabrication division has a proven track record of success in industrial fabrication projects across Western Canada. Our full-circle approach to industrial design and engineering allows us to deliver high-performance components that maximize return on investment for you and your stakeholders. Learn more about Phoenix Industrial’s design and engineering services below.

Full Lifecycle Planning

No detail is too minor in today’s complex industrial operations; a minor oversight in design and planning phases can quickly become a major setback that costs your organization both time and money. With the demands on heavy industry increasing, owners and operators need fabrication partners ready to work with them to find solutions to short-and long-term challenges.

Phoenix Group’s comprehensive design process is engineered to identify and rectify issues before they impact our partners’ bottom line. Our full lifecycle cost reduction approach seeks to understand the complete impact of design decisions from fabrication to installation in the field, ensuring your components deliver maximum value throughout their entire operating life. Backed by a data-driven insight and decades of experience and expertise, Phoenix Group’s full-circle approach to design and engineering provides industry-leading visibility, accountability, and value to operations of all sizes and scopes.

Efficient Communication & Reporting

As with any large-scale industrial project, communication is critical through every stage of design, engineering, and fabrication. From initiation to completion, it’s critical that all parties have all the necessary information to do their part in making your next project a success.

Phoenix Group’s integrated software solutions enable efficient and high-quality communication between engineers and the fabrication team, ensuring that design specifications are followed precisely and accurately. Real-time score carding and performance reporting serve to keep all clients and stakeholders informed every step of the way. By combining performance-oriented insight with transparent communication practices, Phoenix is able to deliver products that exceed expectations and add value at every turn.

Complete Fabrication Services

Phoenix Group continuously strives to maximize our partners’ ROI through proficient execution and superior efficiency. As part of this commitment to adding value, we proudly offer a complete range of industrial fabrication services, including:

Procurement and Planning. Industry-leading workface planning identifies project priorities, allowing for rapid deployment and execution in critical areas. Phoenix’s robust supply chain ensures material availability and cost savings for clients.

Fabrication. Our state-of-the-art 40 acre facility can accommodate projects of any size, and is fully equipped to work with exotic metals, alloys, and other unique project requirements. Complete QA/QC protocol ensures quality and reliability from the shop to the field.

Turnover and Delivery. Phoenix’s continual quality processes enable fast turnover with complete and accurate documentation. Our facilities are readily accessible by rail and highway, minimizing costs for both receivables and delivery.

Phoenix Group has extensive experience across all heavy industries, helping our partners across Western Canada find value-adding solutions to every challenge. Our full-circle approach includes fully integrated modularization, construction, and maintenance services to support your next project from start to finish. No matter your operation’s needs, Phoenix Group is driven to find innovative solutions that deliver performance and value for you and your stakeholders.

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