When running an industrial construction project, companies are looking for project partners that can meet the high expectations and unique demands of the industrial field. Managing industrial construction requires an experienced project partner with extensive knowledge in various industrial fields and the capacity to execute large-scale construction projects efficiently. Read on to learn more about what to look for when hiring an industrial construction management company.

1. Complete Construction Services

Each industrial construction project has unique operations and typically requires a wide range of construction management services throughout the project’s lifecycle. Your construction solution provider should be fully equipped to handle your industrial project, no matter the size or location. 

At Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies, we work with our partners to provide them with comprehensive construction management solutions suitable for almost any industrial project. Our industry-leading WorkFace planning service allows our on-site team to be fully prepared with the right resources. Prior to our on-site construction service, our team of engineers and specialists assess the possible risks that could delay the project and allocate resources accordingly. With nearly three decades of industry experience, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies has offered clients in the hydrogen, helium, petrochemical and oil sands industries various construction services, including:

2. Detailed Reporting

Your project partner must establish measurable milestones that you can track throughout the project’s timeline before diving into the construction stage. Having a solid plan that mitigates risks is the best way to foresee the lifecycle of your project and ensure that the deliverables are defined. As a data-driven management company, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies uses innovative software and advanced technology to create pre-site planning and detailed reporting on the progress of each project. Our uniquely designed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system allows our team to report and share detailed information with all our partners. Through our ERP system, we can report daily productivity feedback as well as execution feedback to our partners and clearly communicate the performance of their projects in real time. Our data-driven reporting approach allows us to be fully transparent with our partners and ensures on-time, on-budget deliverables. 

3. Experience with Established and Emerging Industries 

Engineers, managers, specialists and builders at Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies have extensive experience in almost all industrial fields. Our services are designed to offer cost-effective and sustainable construction solutions through developing integrated, end-to-end contracting services for many industrial construction projects. We are honoured to have successfully executed various industrial construction projects and partnered with several industrial companies over the years, including MEG Energy, North West Redwater (NWR), Tecnicas Reunidas (TR) Canada and many others!

At Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies, we are ready to embark on any industrial endeavour and work with all industrial companies. Our diverse services allow us to work with established companies and new, emerging industries. We are proud to be one of the few construction solutions companies offering our partners tier 1 services at an affordable price model.

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Working with Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies is much more than hiring a construction management company; it’s partnering with a data-driven management company keen to offer you the best possible construction solutions for your project. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of excellence with every project we take on. Our team is constantly pivoting with change and seeking new ways to enhance efficiency and productivity through auditing and evaluating every project we deliver. We also encourage our partners to perform audits through any project phase to ensure that we comply with the project procedures, contract terms and certifications. At Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies, we go the extra mile for all our partners. 

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