Across all sectors, Western Canadian industry demands consistent quality and value from fabrication service providers. From design and engineering to fabrication and turnaround, efficient and effective service providers will always be in high demand due to their ability to add value at every phase of the project lifecycle. If your operation is looking for an industrial fabrication provider, you need a firm that delivers talent, technology, and tempo while providing top-quality components that keep your operation running smoothly.

Over the last 25 years, Phoenix Group’s fabrication division has established itself as a Western Canadian leader in industrial fabrication. Our holistic approach to fabrication design and engineering enables us to deliver high-performance components that maximize return on investment for you and your stakeholders. Learn more about how Phoenix Group engineers succeed in fabrication design and engineering below.

Communication & Coordination

No matter the fabrication project, effective communication is critical at every stage. From design and engineering to fabrication and turnover, it’s absolutely essential that all parties stay on the same page, with open, transparent access to the information they need to make the project successful.

Phoenix Group strives to enable efficient and high-quality communication between engineers and our fabrication team by employing fully integrated software solutions and communication platforms. Our robust systems ensure that design specifications are followed with precision and accuracy, while real-time score carding and performance reporting keep clients and stakeholders informed from initiation to completion. By employing transparent, results-driven communication in our fabrication process, Phoenix is able to consistently deliver top-quality components that add value to any operation.

Full Lifecycle Planning

Planning is a critical step in any industrial fabrication project. No detail is too minor; a seemingly small oversight can quickly become a significant bottleneck that costs your organization time and money. Our experience has shown that holistic thinking paired with data-driven insight can prevent these challenges; that’s why Phoenix Group is committed to insightful, informative full lifecycle planning.

Phoenix Group’s thorough review process is engineered to identify and rectify challenges and pain points before they happen. Our full lifecycle cost reduction approach analyzes the complete impact of design decisions over the entire project life, ensuring your components deliver maximum value from fabrication to the field. Backed by a data-driven insight and a quarter-century of experience and expertise, Phoenix Group’s holistic approach to industrial fabrication offers world-class visibility, accountability, and value in projects of all sizes and scopes.

Complete Fabrication Services

Phoenix Group continuously strives to lead Western Canada as a one-stop industrial provider offering comprehensive fabrication services. We proudly provide a complete range of value-adding services, including:

  • Procurement and Planning. Cutting-edge workface planning prioritizes critical project elements, allowing for rapid deployment and execution from initiation to completion. Phoenix’s comprehensive supply network ensures material availability and costs savings for clients.
  • Fabrication. Our 40-acre facility can accommodate projects of any size, and is fully equipped for work with exotic metals, alloys, and other unique project requirements. ISO-certified quality management systems ensure quality and reliability from the shop to the field.
  • Turnover and Delivery. Phoenix’s comprehensive QA/QC controls enable rapid turnover with extensive, accurate documentation. Our facilities are located along Alberta’s High Load Corridor, minimizing costs for transportation and delivery.

Phoenix Group has more than 25 years of experience helping industrial clients across Western Canada find value-adding solutions to every challenge. Our holistic approach includes fully integrated modularization, construction, and maintenance services, allowing us to support your next project from initiation to completion. No matter the size or scope of your next project, Phoenix Group has the expertise to find innovative solutions that deliver quality and value for you and your stakeholders.

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