At FMP Group, we leverage over 30 years of expertise to assist you in achieving success with your projects. Our proven track record in large-scale project execution, from bidding to construction, ensures your goals are met efficiently. We prioritize safety and quality, implementing programs to guarantee excellence in every endeavor.

Partnering with us means your expenditures are considered Tier One, directly benefiting the nation. We specialize in major and minor capital projects, ongoing operations, maintenance programs, and annual shutdowns. Let FMP Group be your trusted partner, simplifying the complexities and delivering success for your projects.

Specialty Mechanical Services

Explore FMP Group’s extensive expertise in specialty mechanical services, with a proven track record on green and brown field sites, delivering exceptional solutions for diverse project needs.

Our specialty mechanical services team has performed over 200+ successful jobs in their first 24 months of operations and continues to provide supplies services to a variety of operations, such as callouts, shutdown/turnarounds, emergency project support and long-term multi-year maintenance programs across western Canada.

We are the only service provider in Canada to have CSA and UL certified combustion equipment.

Mechanical Services

Field machining

Flange facing

Line boring & welding

Cold pipe cutting

Isolation hydrotesting of flange & welds

Controlled bolting

Hot and cold tapping, including welding

Leak detection and fugitive emission inspection

Leak sealing - injection, pipe wrap, high pressure packing

Leak enclosure engineering, registration and installation

Exchanger service and bundle pulling

Post Weld Heat Treat Services

Bake outs for degassing materials

Preheat for welding

Post-weld heat treatment

Refractory dry out

Coating cures

Process start-ups

Line thawing

General Construction Services

Elevate your construction projects to new heights of success with FMP Group, your fully integrated, single-source construction solutions provider. Experience a seamless and comprehensive approach to general construction services. 

STRUCTURAL fabrication

PIPING fabrication


Site construction – all trades

Rotating Equipment

Heavy lift programs

Electrical and Instrumentation



Boiler installs


Materials marshalling and management

Insulation and fireproofing

Architectural / Cladding /HVAC

Vessels and column setting


Need Help?

Our company also works directly with industry partners such as the Alberta Apprenticeship Board to provide a solid foundation for new tradesmen looking to enter the industry through continuous learning and onsite training.