Industrial maintenance is essential in heavy industries such as oil sands, power generation, renewable energy, and natural gas. Proper maintenance helps companies reduce the costs associated with repairs by thoroughly maintaining the equipment and the facilities. Read on to learn more about industrial maintenance and how it can help you reduce the need to purchase new equipment frequently. 

How Important Is Industrial Maintenance To Your Plant?

Industrial maintenance is the general process of ensuring that all assets within the plant are kept in good operating condition. Implementing maintenance processes and procedures reduces breakdowns, increases performance, and enhances overall reliability. In all industrial plants, equipment must keep running at its expected capacity to ensure the sustainability of production operations. A proper industrial maintenance plan will help you maximize uptime, reduce repair costs, and increase profitability. Suppose a facility does not have a proper maintenance plan in place or does not perform regular maintenance. In that case, it is at a higher risk of unscheduled downtime from unexpected equipment failures. When hiring a project partner to perform routine maintenance, you will ensure that you have a scheduled maintenance plan and prevent failures before they arise. 

Strategies for Effective Industrial Maintenance 

The type of equipment and the mandatory inspections provided by law will determine the type of maintenance strategy for your plant. The different types of industrial maintenance strategies depend on the company’s objective and can be implemented simultaneously.

1. Preventative or Planned Maintenance

The goal of preventive maintenance is to have a more proactive approach to mitigate potential causes of breakdowns before they occur. This strategy aims to increase equipment’s reliability by periodically preventing anomalies. Planned maintenance reduces the risk of catastrophic malfunctions, which increases productivity, decreases total repair costs and ensures the safety of the equipment and employees.

2. Corrective or Unplanned Maintenance

Unfortunately, during regular production stages, the equipment can suddenly malfunction and cause production to halt. After an application breaks down, it must be immediately addressed (or corrected) to resume regular production. While corrective maintenance usually requires a significantly lower initial cost than planned maintenance, it risks production. If the maintenance crew cannot quickly repair the equipment or is waiting to find a replacement for an essential part, production will have to be put on hold until further notice. 

3. Reliability-Centred Maintenance (RCM)

Reliability-centred maintenance is a more specialized approach to proactive maintenance. Similar to preventative maintenance, RCM is implemented within a plant to avoid breakdowns by analyzing the best possible action to take. During the inspection stage of RCM, a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software is used to analyze the data about your equipment. This data can then identify failure patterns and put a tailored plan in place to address the breakdowns when they occur.  

4. Regular Maintenance 

Regular maintenance or annual maintenance plans are scheduled in advance. This allows industry owners to allocate time for maintenance and avoid a total halt of production. Typically, regular maintenance plans address large numbers of minor repairs or adjustments throughout the plant to eliminate the need for emergency shutdowns. 

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