Are you launching a new industrial project and wondering whether you should partner with an industrial construction management company or a general contractor? We’re here to help! Learn more about industrial construction management companies and why you should be calling them for your next industrial project below.

1. Project Scalability 

While both construction management companies and general contracts have an experienced team of builders, they do not have the same labour capacity or technical experience. Industrial construction projects are usually large-scale projects that require an entire group of experts like engineers, builders, project managers, designers, etc., which general contractors often cannot provide. Industrial construction management companies are designed to be able to execute large-scale projects as they have the workforce and expertise. Working on an industrial project typically requires services such as WorkFace planning, project management, modularization, fabrication, risk mitigation, and more, which most general contractors are not equipped to handle. Industrial construction management companies have the manpower and technical expertise to efficiently and effectively execute such services. 

2. Extensive Industrial Experience

Not only do industrial construction management companies have the manpower and the technical expertise to run large-scale projects, but they also have extensive experience in many industries. At Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies, we work with a group of skillful companies that have vast experience in all aspects of industrial construction. We are a data-driven company that uses novel technology to execute all kinds of industrial projects rapidly. Our expertise in various industries ranging from hydrogen and helium industries to natural gas production, has given us the technical tool sets to ensure efficient and effective project execution. No matter the size or location of your industrial construction project, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies is always ready to deliver accurate and effective results. 

3. Cost-Efficient Solutions

Startups that are tight on capital are often constrained when it comes to budgets. When looking for a company to manage a startup industrial project, company owners usually resort to general contractors as they are often more affordable than industrial construction management companies. That said, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies provides clients with a diverse range of services at a very valuable price. We are proud to offer clients tier 1 services at a price model that they can afford. Our cost-effective solutions are suitable for projects of any size; we work closely with all our clients to keep the costs low while maintaining our productivity and adhering to the highest quality of safety measures. 

Partner With a World-Class Industrial Construction Management Company 

Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies is a recognized leader in the industrial construction management industry. We provide end-to-end, sophisticated construction solutions and services for industrial sectors such as power management, oil & gas, energy, petrochemical, etc. With over 25 years of experience, our team of experienced professionals has safely executed large-scale industrial projects across Western Canada. We are ready to provide you with comprehensive services for your next industrial construction project. Contact us today to speak with our team of specialists to learn more about our industrial construction services. 

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